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The immune system functions best when it is able to properly repair and defend itself. The American diet and toxins we are exposed to daily have been causing the immune system to have a lack of defense leaving it unable to repair itself. This causes chronic inflammation and can be linked to autoimmune diseases along with other uncomfortable health conditions like artiko doloro, headaches, and fatigue.


la LRA by ELISA/ACT is a specific test that tests for Type 1 (Acute, IgE antibodies), Type 2 (Reactive Antibodies, IgG, IgM, IgA), Type 3 (Immune Complex) and Type 4 (T-Cell mediated). This test is able to quickly and precisely determine the hidden causes of many immune dysfunctions that are the underlying cause of chronic health conditions.

The LRA test detects all three different kids of delayed food responses as well as chemical hypersensitivities. Studies have shown that only 8% of human health is genetic, leaving the other 92% of our health completely up to choices. This meaning that the genes you were born with are not the same genes you possess today. The factors all around us are constantly altering and expressing new genes in our body, making up food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, and more.

Additionally, using the LRA by ELISA/ACT tests for predictive biomarkers to allow practitioners to see what to anticipate and make proactive changes now to avoid a clinical disease diagnosis down the road.

Personalized Program

Once the results of the LRA test are obtained, practitioners can assess the findings and create a personalized plan per patient. This plan will be specific to you based on your clinical findings. Due to the fact that such a large percentage of health is influenced by surroundings, there has been great success removing the flagged biomarkers from an individual’s lifestyle.

Studies have found that removing all positive results for 6 months leaves individuals with extreme symptoms reduction. A clinical case study reviewed a patient in her 30s. She has suffered from extreme allergies, postnasal drip, headaches, and congestion her entire life. Multiple doctors were unable to determine or reverse her symptoms but rather gave her prescriptions for decongestions and antihistamines. After taking these medications daily for the majority of her life with little relief, she sought out help from a healthcare professional who performed LRA testing. Her test revealed that she had 11 positive antigens. These allergens were removed from her exposure and she began taking all-natural supplements recommended by her provider (probiotics, magnesium, and others). In just 6 months, she had reduced her immune burden and postnasal drip. By 1 year of supplementation and not being surrounded by her triggers she noted that she had no fatigue, she does not have a heavy head, her postnasal drip was completely gone and she no longer suffered from seasonal allergies.

The LRA test by ELISA/ACT provides a great deal of information and insight into what is occurring inside the body. This is a great test for anyone who has diabetes, IBS, fibromialgia, infertility, allergies, thyroid problems, and many more health conditions.

Comprehensive testing such as the LRA test provides so much information. Healthcare providers are able to properly assess patients and improve their overall health with extreme accuracy. These markers are all highly important when determining a personalized treatment plan. -Kenna Vaughn, Senior Health Coach


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